yours cowardly heart…


I know the answer, but still waiting for the person to tell..

I’m worried….

Because the answer isn’t about the truth I do not know. It’s about the decision I have to make, the concern I have to show and the care I have to take.

But my cowardly heart is not ready to listen to the answer.

Still thinking about others. What they may think about your justification. Will they judge you for your decision. Will they comment on you for your concerns.


Do I have doubt on myself..?. Will I be able to take correct decisions by caring, which does not concern about. I do not have enough courage.

I’m not true to myself yet … When will I be…..???

But She was true to me…..answered the question I never asked.

Do you know?


”The efficiency of an algorithm can handle the graphical concepts…..”. This was all about lecture in the class.

These lines should be stored in the brain. But heart was cleverly disturbing the brain. The deeds which my heart was planning were different from actual ones.

Both were deadlocked.

Still my hand couldn’t stop handling it…..because it was already started 🏁. It’s just resetting your heart and brain.

Then they said ‘Everything is in your hand….’

Forget ? || Remember ¿



Why do you always keep thinking about those days. That incident was nothing to do with you. Fate should be blamed.

How can i forget¿ … She can’t even chase her dreams now. Being a sister i didn’t protect her.

There is nothing wrong in forgetting……and moving on. Do you know about squirrels ?.

Don’t change the talk. I’m broken because of this pain. Everything is in this way today is all because of me. I can’t forget anything And I’m in a strange situation that i can’t even remember what exactly happened that day. I was in hospital when i woke up.

Listen to me. Squirrel has two acorns. He puts one in his own mouth. And he saves the other one for wintertime and buries it. You know what ? He works so hard for that. And being so dumb…. He can’t eat it because he can’t find it. He forgets about it.

What a waste. But why are you telling this to me now.

It’s a waste. Rather than being wasteful for a moment…. The acorn that was buried underground in the winter….sprouts… It grows leaves, becomes a tree , then a forest.
Aren’t you so grateful for that?



If it’s too hard for you. It’s okay to forget or not remember everything, bury it. How would you know how it would come out later?
In life , it could be blessing in disguise. You know?


Where did all those stones Vanish??????

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“Hey, don’t go out…”  her mom screamed. She was five year old little girl filled with lot of curiosities. They are eagerly waiting for popping out as numerous questions. Everything was half boiled in her mind.

On a rainy day. She went out to play. It was a downpour with hailstones.

“Oh! Oh! Wah!!   Mammaaa…..what are these??”

“They are hailstones.. Like small ice cubes”

She was very happy and excited. “I can eat them …right??” She asked with widened upright arc of lips and bloomed out eyes. “You can…but..”.

“Okay” she ran out listening partially.

“Don’t eat more you will get cold” mom screamed again.

She was playing with bright smile on her face. Her little heart was sailing on the ocean filled with joy. She collected handful of hailstones and wanted even more. She kept them on the table near the door and ran towards kitchen to get a bowl. She came back and looked at the table. Her smile started disappearing, arc of her lips got reversed.

“Mamma” she called her mom with gloomy voice.

“Where are these ice cubes… I had kept them on the table” She saw nothing on the table but some water on it.

Her mom smiled and said “o my baby!! …Those ice cubes will melt if you keep them like that”.

She came out wandering ‘what  is melting ?’. She was really surprised and confused. That little mind was having a lot of question marks in her mind.

‘From where did they come ??’ ‘What was that??’ ‘How will they get melt??’ ‘Where it went after melting??’ ‘Wahh!!!! How can it be?’

Rain stopped. But her thoughts didn’t……




Nothing is funny at all…

IMG_20180310_172319.JPGBut Why ????….Why are you laughing right now?…Nothing is funny at all…Why do you want to show people that you are happy!!!??….

Listen to me….Just because you are not crying doesn’t mean you are not SAD…..And ..,just because you are laughing doesn’t mean you are HAPPY…

Keep that in mind…!!!

Don’t let them get along well without you knowing….it will finally hurt you , then you will end up smiling like this………

Bye …take care